Our Mission
To empower you to maximize your potential and achieve your academic and life goals! 

Our exceptional caring coaches & tutors will personally connect with you and strive to create learning environments you will enjoy. Additionally, we will teach you research-based learning strategies and help you develop an enhanced growth mindset to overcome challenges.

Online Academic Coaching
Our exceptional online coaches will provide you with a learning process, strategies and skills to maximize your potential. We will work with you to examine your current learning strategies, habits and challenges and create academic goals and a strategic plan of action that align. We will support you every step of the way as you work toward reaching your goals.

Online Private Personal Tutoring
Our exceptional online tutors will help you thrive and reach your academic goals by facilitating outstanding lessons at any level (elementary, high school & university) in one or more of the following areas: math, reading, writing, science, homework support, study skills, and exam preparation.

Online Academic Coaching and Tutoring Mix
Depending on your need, our exceptional tutors have an academic coaching background and will integrate some of their coaching into your tutoring sessions i.e help you with understanding how you learn and strategies that enhance your ability to learn a subject.

Online Support for Completing Your Curriculum for this School Year
You and many students all over the world have transitioned to an online curriculum for the rest of the school year. We understand that this online context adds new challenges with achieving your learning goals. We will will prepare you for the next school year by providing you with weekly online support to complete this year’s important curriculum.

University and College Success Program
Are you planning to start university this fall? This program focusses on providing you the strategies to thrive at university & college.  You will learn competencies that will make for a great transition to a very successful higher education experience. We focus on the following competencies:

  1. Academic Goal Setting – Goals provide vision and direction
  2. Metacognitive Regulation – Planning, and monitoring learning
  3. Metacognitive Knowledge – Evidence-based learning strategies that align with how people learn
  4. Reflection – Using reflection as a tool to learn a competency as well as to enhance the way you learn
  5. Emotional Intelligence – Develop positive relationships for support, a feeling of connectedness and learning
  6. Growth Mindset – Adopt a growth mindset in regards to intelligence and all areas of life.
  7. Embracing Challenge- Using a challenge mindset to enhance learning
  8. Gratitude – Develop an attitude of gratitude and an optimistic view of life
  9. Focus – In a world of distraction and procrastination, focus provides enhanced learning.

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